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Suited to medium-risk areas that receive a high volume of traffic, our automatic vehicle barriers are perfect for parkades, shopping malls, residential estates,
office parks, factories, warehouses and mines. Call Amoroc Overberg today for your free quotations and site inspections.


  • Barrier Fence: Max pole length: 5m
  • 180° Jackknife: Max pole length: 3m
  • Fixed: Telescopic max pole length: 6m
  • Multiple operations per day
  • Heavy duty cast gearbox assembly
  • Smooth & Simple operation
  • Simple manual release operation
  • Compatible with all ET Systems Products
  • Hi-Speed traffic barriers available
  • No height limit with the 180° Jack knife barrier

Garage Accessories

We stock most garage door accessories and spare parts for the ET garage door systems. Contact us for all your repairs and spare parts to
keep your garage door in tip-top working condition.


Inverter Batteries

The only answer to beat power cuts is inverter batteries. They will give you uninterrupted power supply during power failures. Designed to perform in extreme weather conditions and long duration power cuts, this will keep your home security and access points working uninterrupted.


Please note that this is not a toy. Our pepper pistol is only for self-defence purposes. This will stop your attacker in its tracks.

Spare Parts
Battery Inverters
Pepper Pistols

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